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Striped Bass is a Family Fishing Activity.

Striped Bass Unlimited is a Hot Springs, Arkansas based organization that was formed in 2005 by individuals dedicated to supporting the Striped Bass fishery and encouraging proper scientific management of our lakes and rivers by fisheries biologists, protection of our aquatic resources from pollution hazards and selective development and enhancement of Striped Bass environments. We also encourage people to get involved to exercise their common responsibility as stewards of these resources and trustees of the future. The proper balance and management of all species is crucial to preserving our aquatic environments for our children's future enjoyment.

Family fishing is always a great way to spend a day. Kids learn so much and carry memories that last a lifetime. It's not often children get the chance to battle big fish and Striped Bass family outings do yield big battles with nice size fish. When you see the excitement in a Childs eyes as they reel in the big one you'll be hooked forever. Striped Bass Fishing is for all ages, please take a kid fishing whenever possible, you'll be glad you did and so will they.

Striped Bass (aka: Stripers, rockfish) have grown rapidly as an up and coming sport fish throughout the country. Their popularity has spawned tournament trails and many Striped Bass organizations in the past few years. Striper enthusiasts are gaining in numbers rapidly and have made and continue to make a very  positive financial impact on the fishing and tourist economy.

Stripers grow large and produce a sporting fight unrivaled by any other fresh water fish. In most cases Striped Bass populations are maintained and controlled by stocking as their ability to reproduce in our lakes and reservoirs is non-existent. This allows fisheries biologists to maintain a proper stocking ratio of Stripers in each lake on a year to year basis.

Throughout the stocking history of Striped Bass there have been those who believe that the Stripers are a nuisance fish and /or detrimental to the native species in the waterways they are stocked. This has spawned countless scientific studies in many states throughout the years. Each and every study has concurred that the stocking of Striped Bass has had little or no impact on the other species of sport fish. In fact it has been proven to benefit the selected waterways in many ways as well as the local economies.

We at Striped Bass Unlimited strive to educate any persons who has interest in the well being and management of their fisheries. Membership in Striped Bass Unlimited is free and allows you to voice your support for Striped Bass sport fishing now, and long into the future.


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